UY!CG Identity Design

  •    UY!CG — Motion Graphics Convention.     
       Identity Design.

    UY!CG is a Computer Graphics convention that unites professionals and enthusiasts of CG in a non profit annual event. The convention is held in Montevideo, Uruguay and counts with speakers from different parts of the world that are currently dedicated to CG. Its main goal is to promote the exchange of experiences, professional growth and to stimulate the development of the CG industry.

    +   Art Direction, Graphic Design & 3D by  Morphine Motion Graphics.  /  Music by  La Guarida Encanutada.  /  Photos by  Campbell.  
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    Art Direction, Graphic Design & 3D by  Morphine Motion Graphics. 
    Music by  La Guarida Encanutada. / Photos by  Campbell.  
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    + Watch motion related project here!
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