Pages of Progress | Instituto del Progreso Latino

    A new generation of Latinos was searching for the American Dream. But found something far more challenging: reality in Trump’s era.   Instituto, an organization dedicated to Latino education, needed to remind its students that any dream is still possible.

    We compiled and recycled from diplomas to acceptance letters of old Instituto students, to create a notebook made entirely of Latino success stories. A blank canvas to inspire the next generations.

    At Instituto's 40th annual gala, the notebooks inspired donations of over $390,000. Providing a better future for over 700 students, so they can write their own pages in this story of progress.
    Client: Instituto del Progreso Latino
    Creative Agency: Lapiz

    Executive Creative Director: Luciana Cani
    Creative Director: Luiz Simoes
    Copywriter Sr: Eduardo Vea-Keating
    Copywriter Sr: Javier Valle
    Copywriter Sr: Roberto Luque
    Copywriter: Mariana Guarín
    Head of Art: Flavio Pina
    Art Director/Editor: Rodrigo Cantalejo
    Art Director: Freddy Agostini
    Illustrator: Juan Carlos Montes
    Illustrator: Richard Romero
    Producer: Kevin James
    Account Director: Marco Azucena
    Director: Ross Feighery
    Editor: Charles Bouril
    Collaboration & Process Director: Julie Ptasinski