Wooden stories

  • I had an idea of creating a series of 3 illustrations/posters for my daughters and a baby boy's bedroom. I knew I wanted to do something in wood, like I did in my Polywood series - this would fit into their room really well. 
    But I didn't want to use my lowpoly style, I was looking for something new and fresh, something more subtle and friendly, but not childish. Something designed.

    One day an idea about designing characters from geometric shapes came to my mind. While this idea wasn't new, I thought I could use different types/colors of wood to make shapes and patterns. I've chosen a palette of 4 colors to make it all look consistent and make the design process easier. 

    Beginnings were hard. 
    It was not as easy to get the desired look in 3D as it was on paper. But after a while I got the design of the first girl character. 
    And from that moment it was more and more fun to do new, imaginative animals and it became clear that I want to do much more than just 3 posters. I felt like I am combining the design of toys/sculptures with illustration. I wanted to use these toys to tell stories. 

    This is how the story about a young princess was born.
    A princess trying to find out who she is and meeting different creatures on her journey.


    So, here it is. The Wooden Stories project.
    Hope you like it!

  • the Flight.
  • The hug.
  • the Encounter
  • The gift.
  • the Musical Kettle.
  • Big friend. Big help.
  • Bear progress:
  • When magic happens.
  • Are you lost, little girl?
  • oops...
  • A friend from the deep.
  • the Princess
  • Making of:
  • Thanks so much for watching and appreciating!