Various Editorial Illustrations Volume 1


    A selection of editorial work carried out recently for the likes of The Harvard Business Review, Creative Review and Trusteeship magazine.

  • I worked with the lovely people at The Harvard Business Review on this set of illustrations for their Idea Watch feature. Some of the ideas illustrated here are the Jack-Of-All-Trades, How Private Equity Firms Hire CEO's, Abusive Bosses, and CEO Activists. 
  • "Idea Watch: New Respect For The Jack-Of-All-Trades"
  • "Talent: How Private Equity Firms Hire CEO's"
  • "Bosses: Consistent Abuse Beats Unpredictability"
  • "Finance : Manipulating Stock Options Is Still A Problem"
  • "People who jump to jobs at new companies often get significant increases in pay, but a study of MBA alumni shows that over time, those who make internal moves accrue more responsibility and have more direct reports"
  • "When Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out against anti-gay legislation, people tended to shift their views in his direction - and those who agreed with him became more inclined to buy Apple products"
  • "When students working in teams of eight or more were asked how much of the work they had personally performed, the answers totalled more than 140% - and the larger the team, the more exaggerated the claims."
  • Creative Review
  • I worked with the guys at Creative Review on this illustration for an article by Daniel Benneworth-Gray on designing your own typeface. 

    AD : Paul Pensom
  • "The breakthrough came when I took a break from all of that playing - to do some playing. The design started to kick in as I was sitting on the floor, messing about with my son's Brio trains. The track is all modular and joiny-together like Fontstruct, but the difference is that it's real. Soon I found myself making. It felt creative, organic. Without fancy interfaces, tools or options, there was just the constraints of the wooden track pieces and the way they jigsaw together. The physical activity enabled me to instinctively define loops and dimensions and strokes (and a couple of bridges). My hands removed the thinking from the equation." 
    - Daniel Benneworth-Gray
  • Trusteeship Magazine
  • I worked with Imagine Publications in the USA on this spread for Trusteeship Magazine. 

    "Engagement Champions: How trustees connect campus and community, boost institutional engagement, and serve the public good"

    AD: Jeff Kibler
  • The original sketch idea.....
  • Georgetown Business Magazine
  • Another project for Imagine Publications in the USA, this time working on an illustration for the Georgetown Business Magazine. The article was about how the location of manufacturing industries is changing in unexpected ways. 

    AD : Jeff Kibler
  • The original sketch idea.....
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