• Skateboarding was inspiring me more then anything else in the world, i think it gave me everything! Every skater in the world understand me cause they feel the same! Since i know about skateboarding i was staring my high grade education at 2000 as a graphic and packing designer. I was so surprised then i saw difference about design that i learned at university and design the skateboarding represts. That thought gave me feeling that i should be more creative and able to do graphics for skateboard industries. Im skateboarding 12 years, now 2017 and i worked on lots of skatebord graphics for companies around the world, and i glad to share you some photos and images from my home collection of boards designed by me. Thank you Bechance, Jeremy Fox from Flip skateboards was able to contact me, and help start my Freelance career, because he saw my artworks in Behance Gallery.