Stories Collective x Caterina Bianchini

  • Stories Collective is an online platform filled with inspiring fashions stories. Through an innovative approach and weekly updates, they showcase beautiful stories created by photographers, stylists, art directors, filmmakers, designers and models from all over the world.

    The Beauty March editorial has been developed into a colour rush of high impact graphics and bold shapes that overlap and interact with the photography. The styling within the images has been kept minimal and bare, with the addition of the colour blocks this creates an interesting juxtaposition between the two elements showcasing spreads that each expose a unique layout style as the series progresses.

    Unique typography has also been created for the spreads, that can be seen rolling across the back of some of the spreads and worked into some of the other spreads. 

    The series was designed to feel light hearted, fun and approachable. Enjoy the colour extravaganza!