El Camino Project

  • El Camino Project is an independent documentary
    about places, people & food around the world.

    With this documentary we want to show you
    the beauty that inspire us in our “Camino”.
    Experiences that prove how normal things
    can be amazing. 

    Our goal is to show you how our planet could be an amazing playground for everyone if we start dismantling our prejudices and “break the rules” we have been educated in. The interaction between different cultures
    can create incredible things, just get out of your mind scheme and start wondering.

    El Camino is a journey,
    and you can follow it day by day.

  • We love to keep in touch with the friends we made along the way, so we thought the best way to create a business card is to create a stamp and reuse the innumerable tickets, boarding cards, bags and more

    Recycling is good, reusing is great!


  • Visit us on elcaminoproject.net

    Our webpage is not mobile-friendly. Put down your phone when you are out and enjoy your time.
    You can always check us out when you are at home.

  • Our first "El Camino" car.
    We did Spain, France and Italy with this beauty and now is ready for new adventures here in Europe!

  • Here the second "El Camino" Car!
    An old VW T2 camper modified. So comfy stay there working, reading or just chilling with the seaside background. A great adventure fellow out there in South America.

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