Daily Vintage Remix

  • I love playing around with vintage illustrations and breathing a new life into them by recontextualising them in collages or patterns, or by simply reincarnating them into something contemporary and trendy with a help of duotoning and typography.

    For a few weeks every day I was challenging myself to spend around 1 hour looking for a vintage illustration which I could relate to on that day, come up with a word or a short message which would recontextualise the image, then edit and duotone the image to reflect the desired mood and quickly typeset the text to work well within the composition.

    This series was also developed as potential examples for my Skillshare class Mastering Duotones in Photoshop, and whilst duotoning is a pretty straightforward technique, it is much more than just slapping a gradient map over an image, and what makes awesome duotones is the way you prepare your images for toning and of course the colours you choose to use!
  • Mastering Duotones in Photoshop is an in-depth guide covering all aspects of creating duotones from image preparation and choosing colours to using a couple of different toning techniques, creating toning actions and saving your work for web and print. So if you are a graphic or web designer, illustrator or photographer don’t hesitate to check this class out. If you are a new Skillshare member you can get 2 months of Skillshare Premium for FREE if you sign up using this link.
  • Electrocuted! Got a bit carried away with this one, and decided to make an animation instead;)
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