Moments of Happiness : Travel

  • Moments of Happiness : Travel

    It began with a conversation on ice cream with Eugene Wee at Creamier. Soon the the conversation took a turn into Eugene's travel experiences as he described his gelato hunt  across the continent and his wish list of destinations to go in the future. 

    For those of us who had the opportunity to travel, the infectious wanderlust brought back the memories from our past trips : the sight of snow in Mittenwald, walking the streets of Kyoto, savouring char kway teow in Penang, living in the cramped Chung King Mansion in Hong Kong and navigating the streets of Bangkok....

    In our own trips, through the experiences in these travel destinations, we found our own moments of happiness and discovering something new about ourselves.
  • This work is done for an exhibition organized by Creamier X OIC Singapore held from the 5th of July 2017 onwards.