project by Marissa Lim, Max Elkins, Bram Chilton-Smiley and Ming You 
  • STIR TV is a fictional TV channel that focuses on providing unbiased and multifaceted contents. 
    It strives on taking multiple perspectives into account on a wide variety of content.
    It has 4 main sections of content: STIR News, STIR Documentaries, STIR Sports and STIR Music.
    Since the TV channel is targeted towards the youth, the TV channel reflects their values. 

    We decided to use design on an isometric space as its the 3-Dimension encompasses STIR TV's brand values.

  • We wanted the brand to feel as open-minded as possible, hence there's no one kind of ident. Each ident will reflect the energy of the content, whether it's STIR Documentary, STIR Music or STIR sports. The only constant thing between each ident will be the 'Story Cube'.

    We also came up with different colour systems that has an interchangeable palette to reflect the energy of the content that's shown at any given time. The colour have an increase in vibrancy as the energy of the content increases. STIR TV itself has no main colour, instead it picks random combinations within the given genre.

  • STIR TV Idents
    Main Idents

  • STIR TV Main Idents
  • STIR TV Idents
    Coming Up Idents

  • STIR TV Idents
    Show Idents

  • STIR TV App

    With on demand services like Netflix and Amazon Video, it's proven that the youth love watching TV on-the-go. 
    The app comes in Dark and Light mode for all any time of the day.

  • STIR TV Promotional

  • STIR TV Promotional
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