Rendez-vous Hiphop 2017

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  • Client : Hiphop Citoyen
    Music : Nodey - Tyra Banks
  • HIphop Citoyen contacted me to create two videos teaser and 20 animated Gifs to promote a national hiphop festival.
    The festival is named Rendez-vous Hiphop and take place in five major city all around France.

    One major issue was to create and keep an homogenous art direction between all assets. 
    Videos and Gifs had to work independently but also keep the same art direction.
    The only one provided element was the festival logo, so I choosed to play with the shape.
    It could be an hexagone or also a 3D cube, it depend how we look at it.

    Also for the gifs I worked with a talented drawing artist called Nooga ! He helped me on ten of them.

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  • In addition to the video teaser I created 20 Gifs to promote the festival. 10 gifs about main artists and 10 about the cities. 
    On this last one Nooga helps me to animated 2D Vfx
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