Design in Alert

  • Design in Alert:
    Animated vector panorama for the sixth Chilean design biennial

    Chile is prone to suffering diverse natural disasters and therefore constitutes a real-life laboratory for testing different solutions to the problems that arise from emergency situations. Design can have a profound impact in preventing, mitigating and limiting the negative effects of natural disasters for the population. Designers can, therefore, serve as connectors between stakeholders and organisations in an emergency context.
    Under the main theme of 'Design in Alert', this edition of the Biennial aims to showcase design projects that can have an impact in emergency situations, and that might point to solutions for human life in extreme environments and in a world of constant change. 

    SMOG was approached to design a series of animated pieces for the event's opening day. I was assigned to illustrate a super wide vector scenery depicting the solutions that design can provide at an emergency. An extremely tight deadline demanded a simple vector approach, and simple animations.

    Directed by Moisés Arancibia at SMOG
    Design and Illustrations by Felipe Vargas.
    Animations by Berni Bruner and Francisco Castro.

  • Finished Video
    Animations by Berni Bruner and Francisco Castro (SMOG).