WARMACHINE Animated Short

  • WARMACHINE Animated Short
  • Some time ago, I received an email with a proposal to work on a really complex FIVE MINUTES CINEMATIC which would have a production team of an unbelievable number of TWO PEOPLE. At first, even thought it seemed really hard to believe it could work out fine, I decided to face it.
    Today, I can surely say it was the BEST WORK EXPERIENCE of my life. Matt Wilson, Privateer Press’ owner and also this cinematic’s director, is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met...he's a genius. Gabriel Teixeira (https://vimeo.com/217188243), who invited me to work in this movie is a productivity beast, there's no challenge he cannot solve!

    We’ve rendered the entire cinematic with Redshift renderer on a single machine equiped with
    3x TitanX (Maxwell) gpu's.

    Anyway.. My role was:

    -Modeling and Lookdev of the environment;
    -Lookdev of the characters;
    -Set dressing;
    -Lighting and Rendering;
    -High poly sculpt of Haley and Deneghra's face;
    -Composition and post production;

    I hope you like it! 🙂

    Overall Credits:
    Animated short based on the WARMACHINE property
    Produced, Written & Directed by Matthew D. Wilson
    Voices by Marisha Ray
    Executive Producer — Sherry Yeary
    Animation and Rigging — Gabriel Teixeira
    Look Development, Composition & Environmental Modeling — Rafael Chies
    Character Modeling — Gabriel Teixeira, Jonatan Lopes and Paul Tosca
    Music — Deane Ogden
    Sound Design — Michael Ferdie