Snack Bites x Kraft

  • Snack Bites x Kraft

  • The project brief for Kraft Snack Bites was straightforward one - create a set of laboratory tests with quirky storytelling and subtle hilarity that shows us why Kraft Snack Bites are the best snack out there. What wasn't as straightforward - creating it all in full-up CG. 

    The films are made to look totally photoreal, and the food elements were definitely a fun little test of our photogrammetry and CG skills. The snack bites were very complex because of all the ingredients involved to replicate like peanut butter, sprinkles, nuts, fruits, and various grains. The testing devices also created a unique set of challenges. We had to strike a balance between them being fantastic and playful while also looking convincing enough that the gadgets would work properly in real life. 

    We love projects like this that take us back to the magic of childhood - the DIY kitchen experiment being, of course, an after-school all-time favorite of ours!