Teaphoria - Kombucha

  • The Brief: "We launch a new kombucha-tea drink with tropical fruit flavors and we want the packaging and related identity. The product will be available for purchase via selected exclusive gyms and in near future via our e-shop website".
    Kombucha (also known as tea mushroom) is a variety of fermented, lightly sweetened black or green tea drinks that are commonly known for their health benefits. 
  • The Design: After being briefed from our clients with the product name and the project specifications, we came up with a logo design that includes the 2 ingredients of kombucha (tea & mushroom) and also reflects the premium character of the product. 
    As Kombucha tea should be protected from the light, we choose a black sleeve to cover the 250ml bottle and we used the fruits to add "flavor" to the design.