• NOSIGNER designed packages for {tabel}, a brand to introduce Japanese original herbs and wisdom of living.
    The package is illustrated with each distinctive color (pink, greenish yellow and blue) and picture of each herb like a plant specimen, which delivers you an image of smart/professional research on herbs. Each color gives us a typical image, for example, pink=warmth/power charge, blue=calm down/purifying, greenish yellow=relaxing. It will visually tell its effect-efficacy without words and help you to choose which herb is good for your current condition/feeling by intuition. Refurbishing the out-dated image towards traditional herbs, the package expresses its brand concept like "authentic Japanese wild herbals," "wisdom of living," and "organic."

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    Art Direction: Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER) 
    Graphic Designer: Eisuke Tachikawa  (NOSIGNER) 
    Client: {tabel}
    Photo: Lyie Nitta (NOSIGNER)

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