In Eastern Europe lies a charming and beautiful casino from ancient times. The building is in desperate need of investors to protect this piece of heritage. In order to prevent more damage but also against vandalism the place is 24h guarded and monitored. Perched on a cliffside overlooking the sea, the impressive casino with art deco shapes and details are still in tact despite having shuttered decades ago. There are so many details to enjoy: the beautiful refined shapes and structures, the remains of a majestic history, subtleties with the color pallet (though becoming more pale when time is passing by) and the fabulous ambiance inside and outside. This impressive architectural remain of ancient times was definitely worth the explore.

    Please have a closer look at this impressive architectural remain of ancient times.

  • "The exploration of the casino was with permission, the guards were very friendly to show us as much as possible and what was allowed. Not all rooms were accessible because of collapsing dangers. But with guidance we have seen a bit more of the hidden rooms. We have spend almost the whole day inside of the casino, no-one else then just fluttering pigeons and meowing cats."

    Ps PM me if you know any serious reconstructors or enthusiastic architects to make the casino up and running again. 
    Thanks in advance. 

  • "Not only the inside and outside of the casino where amazing to behold, the sea surroundings as well. The queen rises from afar and is still attracting architectural enthusiasts with her powerful beauty. Hopefully investors will keep the authentic look and feel."

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