Theme  :  Pencil vase / Tray / Lamp 
    Section :  Product design / Craft design
    Designed by Changho Lee

    This pencil tray is designed with a combination of marble and stainless steel. This elegant, modern and elegant pencil stand can be seen as an interior effect with more light on the desk. If you touch the column of the tray, LED of the bottom part of the tray turns on and it can be utilized as a stand light. It is very interesting, and it is a pencil stand with excellent practicality and formability. The overall pencil tray design looks very simple and has a very simple structure.

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    A tray that can store accessories such as office supplies and school supplies on top of books has another practicality.

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    If you touch the column of the tray, the LED on the lower part of the tray lights up.

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    Coloration of silver and of the same color

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    You can pursue a new style by taking advantage of the new formative beauty and aesthetic sense on the office desk.



    Personal project for All rights reserved

  • Designed by Changho Lee