Pirate Candy - Candy Shop

  • Jelly fried egg? Tennis ball in taste of an apple? Or maybe strawberry brain?
    Over 60 kinds of jellies, gums, marshmallows and nuts in chocolate.
    Open your mouth and say „Yahh”!
  • Client: Pirate Candy
    Concept: Wojtek Włodarczyk
    Art Director: Darek Palarczyk
    Photography: Rafał Zajdel
    Model: Kasia Błaszczyk / RAVEN MODELS

  • It's jelly time!
  • Photo shoot in a truly candy style.
    One model, two shooting days, hundreds of photos, thousands of jellies!

  • Fried egg? Cheesburger?
    Wanna play tennis?

  • #piratecandy #jellies #sweets #foodporn #popycolours
    #lifeissweet #yummy #warsaw
  • Smartphone wallpapers made on the basis
    of photos from shooting.

  • Colorful badges and labels for special occasions in the brand’s
    visual style maintains Pirate Candy identity.
  • A series of colorful gift cards worth PLN25, PLN50 and PLN100
    to spend at Pirate Candy store.

  • Various visual forms building brand identity.