The Art Of ...

  • Atef & Enshra7 Taught us that Love can always be found even in most unexpected persons.
    "The Art Of El Nazer"

  • Atef taught us that being careless is the most powerful cure for our lives.
    The art of “El-Nazer” 

  • Gawaher taught us that Happiness can be found, even in the darkest times.
    "The art of El Nazer"

  • Taha taught us that every guy has a very dark and tough side ,Only appears in the most dangerous times.
    The art of "wesh Egram"

  • Sheikh Hosni taught us that your Heart can always lead you to the perfect way if your eyes cant.
    Oh sorry wait.... not always!!
    The art of "El Kit kat"

  • Let us take a moment and thank all famous Egyptian movie-stars who taught us the most valuable life-lessons.