• I was commissioned to create a collab for CAMPARI + Negroni Café.
    In this task, I had the freedom to customize a small line of bicycles.
    I choosed to adapt a classic Munari piece called "Manifiesto Campari", 
    which is a part of the MoMA collection (N.Y.C.)

    Bruno Munari (1907 – 1998) was an Italian futurist artist, designer, and inventor
    who contributed fundamentals to many fields of visual arts, including:
    painting, sculpture, industrian and graphic design, and more. 
  • "The billboard designed by Bruno Munari for Campari is closely related to the opening of the M1 subway line in Milan, in November 1964: it is in fact a poster that considers a mobile, and at the same time fragmented, vision because, as the artist himself affirms, it does not lose “its strenght even if it is partially glimpsed, even if groups of people partially cover it, or if you look at it from the moving subway cars”.