La La Land alternative movie poster illustration

  • This poster was the occasion for me to work on the color atmosphere of the original movie. I enjoyed a lot this kind of glamorous mood that we feel through the whole movie. I wanted to focus a bit on this point as well as finding a composition that could change from the traditional dancing couple of the official poster. For this poster i've chosen an horizontal layout and placed the portraits in front of a view of  the "Griffith Observatory". For me this scene and place was important and also represents well the movie.
    Just bellow you can see some of the pictures taken from the movie that influenced me for creating this poster, as well as sketches, and details of the illustration.

  • The following images are photographs of the printed version of the poster.

  • Thanks for watching this project. I hope you enjoyed it. 
    "La La Land" Alternative Movie Poster illustration was created using Adobe photoshop + Adobe illustrator + a "wacom" graphic tablet. I didn't use any photograph or texture in it. Just digital brushes.

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