GIF Collection #1

  • GIF Collection #1
    A selection of some GIFs I did recently.

  • TED Conference 2017
    Animated Background

    Two animated background for the TED Conference in Vancouver. 
    One is for  'Community, Connection' section and the other is for 'It's Personal'.

    Collaborative Animation

    Directed by Erica Gorochow, ‘Dear Europe’ is a collaborative video about the European elections and how lessons gleaned from Brexit and Trump, might relate. I did the shot below which accompanies the line 'Sometimes it was difficult to take to family and friends on the other side,  it's often easier to accuse rather than ask questions.'

  • BBC 2 Star Gazing
    Promo GIFs

    Two GIFs for the BBC 2' live documentary Star Gazing in Australia about a couple of Aboringinal traditional stories –
    Emu in the Sky – ' A constellation that is defined by dark nebulae that are visible against the Milky Way background, rather than by stars.'  The Sun & the Moon – 'Many traditions have stories of a female Sun and a male Moon.'

  • Gates Foundation Annual Letter 2017
    Promo GIF
    An animated illustration to promote the annual letter 2017 from Gate’s Foundation. This year’s letter is about global health.

  • LYFT Earth Day
    Promo GIF
    Animated GIF for Lyft, San Fransisco to promo on social media on Earth Day.

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