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  • Introduction
    Gourmets, foodies, and chocolate lovers have an increased following in our immense society.
    This particular rebranding will assign an important identity to Captain Chocolate. Captain Chocolate was established in 1965. Additionally, they have 5 locations and are a family owned store front that makes high-end chocolates.

    They want to move into online distributing. After further analysis, we feel that they need to start with a rebrand to show the history of the company and to connect with the audience. Once the brand is created we will then proceed with an eCommerce website.

    1. Logo / identity: Create an identity for Captain Chocolate. It must be functional. Show creative process.
    2. Business card: Design a 3.5”x2” card, two sided using the color palette you create.
    3. Site homepage: Create a homepage with 4 buttons. (About, Store, Meet the Captain, & Contact.)

    Captain Chocolate customers are the target audience for research packet. In general, they are 29-60 years in age and are food lovers with specific tastes and interests with chocolate. Although, without a strong brand campaign, it may be a figment of the imagination to launch an ecommerce website.
    Check out the facebook page.
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