Eurovision Song Contest Kyiv Ukraine 2017

  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Kyiv, Ukraine

    The Eurovision Song Contest has now a history of 60 years, a competition dedicated to unite countries and people through the celebration of music.
    In 2017 the event takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine, an unique opportunity, not only for the event to be remembered by future generations, but also to show the warmth of Ukraine, it’s culture and people.
    Our idea was to create an identity that could embody the ideals of Eurovision Song Contest and introduce viewers and listeners to Ukraine’s singularities.
    The identity is based in the Ukrainian flower crown, a symbol today perceived as universal, transformed and used by different generations to express friendship, love and piece. The flower crowns are usually filled with vivid color, freshness, optimism and life, so we translated these same principles to the communication using bold visuals with a strong chromatic range.
    “Inspiring voices” set the identity’s tone, a stage with reciprocal encouragement between artists and public for music and a brighter future.
    In a stage with no borders, there are no defeated.
    The result is intended to create a fresh, positive and hopeful communication, a system coherent across all mediums to better express the event’s vision and the friendly Ukraine.

    design project: DO / Design Office
    developed in partnership with: Green Penguin Media

    proposal © 2017