Dion Robeson

  • Photography is about capturing a moment, freezing time and creating something from nothing. An image replicates what is and what was, it is an art that holds great storytelling powers. With this thought in mind, the identity created for Dion photography had to have a thought provoking concept that resonated with the importance + skill in photography. 

    Exploring themes that are commonly touched upon in the photographic practice especially when working within architectural and interior photography, the chosen route "Casting Shadows" was developed. 

    A theme that resonates deeply with the discipline of photography. This identity has a concept hidden within it, a visual play on the idea of a shadow being cast. The type of the logotype sits left behind the square block suggesting that if a light was shining on the logotype from the right-hand side the type "Dion Robeson" would be the shadow. With a right aligned structure and left aligned element this logotype is quirky with its typeset but also has a well balanced and considered outcome. 

    Shadows can be used to create a dynamic, or create a dramatic element to a picture, by introducing this idea into a logotype you create something that has a memorable and iconic effect.