May the Kraft be with you!

  • This is a series of kraft paper sketches that I started posting on my Instagram profile last year, in which I tried to give each girl a unique expression, story and personality.

    Often times we feel as if we must fit in to some kind of norm and by doing so, we aren't true to ourselves anymore.
    Personally, I love people's imperfections and "weird" features, as they are what really make us interesting in this world where everything seems to be fake.
    This project really didn't have any meaning behind it when I started it, but it helped me grow as an artist and it was interesting to see how a great part of my audience was able to relate to these characters.

    If you like to see more of my sketches, then please visit my Instagram profile at the link below.
    (In case photo references were used, the original post has been credited)

  • I really hope you enjoyed these sketches. If yes, then I'd really love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

    Thanks a lot,