Posters Collection 2010-2017

  • Poster for 'Vinipuz Mob' Funk Band
    Sign on the back translates as 'Stage Worker'.
  • Series of Shop Window Posters for Winrock International

    More than 400000 Ukrainian women ended up to be the victims of sex industry in Europe during 2000-2014. We have to warn them and not to apply on ghost job offers.
    When enslaved by sex industry, the woman becomes a ghost  she has no legal rights, no passport, no future, and in some cases frauds take away their lives by setting them on drugs or just killing them. Just like ghosts they have pale and painful existence within the walls of nightclubs.

  • 'Amour Fou' Movie by Jessica Haffner — the Movie Poster

    The plot of the movie is about the couple that decided to get married and die at the moment of wedding — both of them were terminally ill and seeked the sense of life through perception of death.
  • There is a Life Without Pain — Posters for Renaissance Foundation

    Every year nearly 458,000 people in Ukraine require pain relief and palliative care to relieve pain associated with terminal illnesses. The registration of oral morphine will significantly improve their lives.
  • Poster for Piran and Portoroz Touristic Board
    The Spirit of Piran and Portoroz will remain in your heart forever.
  • Posters for Enver Izmaylov

    Izmaylov is known to be genious to play guitar the way it sound like whole orchestra is performing. In other words, one man plays many instruments simultaneously
  • The Victory Day Poster

    9th of May1945 — the Day of the End of World War 2. Hitler was defeated and there was a peace in the World. 69 years after we have a new Hitler — the Putin, and we have not to let the war happen again

  • Some More Musical Posters for Classical and Jazz Music Performers
  • Lego Ukraine Poster

    During 2013-2014 Ukraine was a target of separatist movements. Our aim is to preserve the unity of Ukraine in sake of our children and not let the enemy to realize it's evil plans.
  • Two Directional Poster

    This poster for Daniel's Denek movie 'Expedition to the End of the World' could be hang either way — normal or upside down. This symbolizes the continuity of the World and round shaped Planet Earth.
  • New Year Poster

    Poster for a Year of Snake — the New Year Tree is made out of Snake puzzle which was really popular in 1980th.

  • 'To Stay Alive' Documentary Movie Poster

    'To Stay Alive' Documentary is all about interviews with people who went through the Ukrainian War and needs a power to live further. Most of the ex-soldiers are disabled — they're missing hands and feet — but they never lose their heart and live towards the Victory.
  • Transformer Poster

    This poster is about famous Ukrainian inventor Sikorsky, who made huge step forward in the evolution of helicopter. Like a real inventor, you can make the helicopter out of this poster by your own hands.
  • Independence day poster

    The Soviet Union has died 25 years ago and we want it no more here in modern Ukraine.
  • Posters for Vaccination for Unisef & Event in Soviet Style Restaurant
  • Save Souls of Japan

    SOS! Japan is in distress. You can help by donating. This Morse poster was issued to raise funds to help Japan to recover after tsunami and earthquake on Apr 2011.
  • Nike Against Bad Habits

    These posters show how simple footwear can squash down bad things — alcohol and drugs. Adjust your life — squash down your unhealthy spirit.

  • Apartments Movie Poster

    The plot of the movie is based on the stories, happened in different apartments with different short scenarios: sex, drugs, parties, criminals — all of these are hidden beneath of the facade of life. Stories end, apartments remain.
  • Posters for Golden Drum Festival Contest

  • 'Ten — Seconds' Documentary Film Poster

    The film is based on the consequences of the Eastern residential area in Mariupol coming under fire on January 24, 2015. The town was bombarded by multiple Grad rocket launchers from the direction of the territory occupied by pro-Russian militants.
  • Piran-Portoroz Genius Loci

    Magic Eye stereo graphic Posters for the Cities of Piran and Portoroz :: The aim of the brief was to reveal where is Genius Loci (Spirit of the Place) of those cities is hidden and how it looks like. Cities of Piran and Portoroz are famous due to Annual International Ad Festival Golden Drum, The Birds Reserve and famous musician Tartini, who played violin. Plese check Magic Eye site if you having complications to reveal the stereo graphics images.
  • Poster for Portfolio event 'Pendel'

    Pendel translates as punch in the ass of those designers, who are lazy to shape up their porfolio. Speakers of this event advised attendants of the event how to make successful portfolio and showcase their best works.
  • Posters for Musical School and Strawberry Flavored Fever medicine for Kids