• Criatório Porto

    This poster was commissioned by Câmara Municipal do Porto to house the Criatório prize. In the context of promoting a cultural action via a political agent, to design a poster is not to design an ephemeral object: it becomes a cultural trigger catalyzing artistic actions in a territory. "Criatório" is the act of creating in a specific and contextual territory: Porto's city. 

    It is a national call for projects where 16 artists are awarded scholarships to develop projects on location. The prize ranges from Visual Arts and Curatorship; Performative Arts; Composition and Musical Performance; Literature, Research and Critical Thinking.

    Thinking of what a creative territory can be, and the endless questions that the artistic thinking evokes, we've aimed to translate infinity in a bounded shape. This poster is developed around the Moebius tape, which explains how a single surface can house an infinte continiuum. The territory on this form is shaped by the projects, while, at the same time, it molds their own nature. 

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