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  • Here is a question. How do you think people came to the idea that the division of the work is good? Because somebody does better one thing, and another person – a different thing. Seems pretty easy to understand, doesn’t it?
    But in reality people do not divide the job well enough. They think that they can do many tasks by themselves without lowering the quality of the final product. But they are usually wrong because the job you are not qualified enough for takes several times more energy than the one you have a calling for. Even in the school when friends decide that one will do English homework and somebody else will do chemistry and somebody else – geography and after it is done they will exchange homework and all get good grades.
    Photographers edit is highly common these days because they buy a good camera and then they spend a lot of time trying to figure out what means every function of it and will give them applying those adjustments to a shot. Shooters give their heart and soul to the work. They create art. Then again, many of them are genuinely gifted and can make you believe in magic and wonder about many things. Photographers edit their images themselves when they start. They are usually young (in their 20th – 30th) and smart and have a habit of doing everything on their own. But as soon as people see how gifted, how talented they are, they start to come and ask for a shooting all at once. Some of the models are coming with boring ideas, some of them are very creative. But a good photographer had to make all his shootings good no matter what the idea is. And of course photographers edit and cull themselves every picture taken during the photo session. But is it such a good idea? Buying a camera and getting used to its options is a process long enough by itself, but then come such problems as what Photoshop version is better? Do I need other programs? Do all photographers edit not so well and ask so many questions when they start making photos?
    When the busy season comes closer most photo shooters understand it is very hard to deal with each client, to try to find an individual approach to everybody, to fail by trusting an unreliable person, to do post processing all alone. The art of the photography demands a huge amount of your time. This what are professional retouchers for! While naïve photographers edit the pictures by themselves, the experienced ones turn for the specialists because it saves their time, their money, their nerves, and. Of course, their inspiration for the main job and gives them more opportunities. So if you are not sure you have the energy and the skills to edit all shots on your own find an experienced editor who has many positive reviews and turn to him or her for the collaboration in the name of art!

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