Look to the Sea

  • Look to the Sea is a short animated film created, directed and animated by Stuart Wade.
    A quiet, melancholy piece that explores the themes of loneliness and loss. Created between November 2016 through April 2017.

    Produced in an experimental style that combines minimal 3d models with hand drawn textures and digitally painted post processing. Each frame has been retouched and repainted by hand in photoshop after rendering from the hardware open GL preview in Cinema 4d. 

    The score and sound design was created by the talented Dave Pettibone. Check out more of his work here. www.reverbnation.com/davepettiboneaudioengineer

    Special thanks to Jakob Appleby for his help with running fluid simulations and providing moving water meshes. http://jakobappleby.com/

  • Hand drawn textures were integrated with simple 3d models. The models were then animated and rendered, and re-painted in photoshop, frame by frame.
  • Thanks for looking!