Mini Drives Russia 2016

  • Mini Drives Russia 2016 

    Mini is a brand with a strong base, a bright legend and a very special attitude toward design. Since the beginning of the 1959th, the company is implementing principles of rational engineering and functionality, creating its own unique image. As a result, it now has an emotional communication with clients and a special visual language which is based on simple shapes, signature typography and icons. Mini doesn’t weight the conversation with their customers down, focusing on image, individuality and a style that has been perfected over the years. Mini gives their clients an opportunity to have an individuality: customization is built in company’s DNA.

    Mini’s owner is attentive to visual culture, design, and image, he cares for details. In Russia, there is MiniPeople, a strong brand community that is actively giving feedback on any novelties.

  • 'Mini Drives Russia' is an equivalent of the American rally 'MINI Takes the States'. The first motorcade of 50 cars crossed Russia in 2014, and in 2016 Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar joined the Moscow crew. Mini Drives Russia’s identity creation was parallel with the update of MINI’s visual language in Russia towards a neater one. Mini Drives Russia’s visuals are built on minimalist design principles such as simple geometry shapes, signature brand typography and precise working with space and colors.

    Keep the line and be kinder.

  • Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design 
    Pavel Saksin, design
    Max Malakhov, visualisation

    Made for prostorcrew.