Livarea Visual Identity

  • Livarea is a German online store selling premium Italian design furniture. This project showcases the process behind brand identity design and web design conducted by designer and art director Tom Biskup.

  • Early explored direction was sophisticated and elegant.
    The brand offers high–end, luxurious products with the highest level of aesthetics. 
    Logotype should represent this. 
  • Another early branding concept was a clean, modernist approach. It is based on two arches forming the letter L.Graphical representation of the door used on technical interior drawings was an inspiration. It seemed that this form corresponds pretty well with products offered by the brand. At the end however, it was not elegant enough.
  • The final, accepted mark is a loose interpretation of a window, symbol of home. Its proportions are well thought out so it creates a visual rhythm that can be used to support all of the brand’s visuals. Shapes inside the frame can be rearranged creating lots of variants sharing the same DNA.

    This sign and logotype combine simple modernism with sophistication. The logotype incorporates the elegance of classical capitals, the simplicity of clean-cut letters and some sexy curves. 

    Logotype and mark combined create minimalist, modern and unique identity. 
  • At this stage, basic web design concepts were created.
    Animated prototypes lead the way for the web developers working on the site.
  • Thank you!