BOOK : Raptors & Owls

  • For 32 months the Dutch magazine Roots featured a section on Raptors and Owls. The writings of bird expert and Roots-editor Paul Böhre together with my illustrations and infographics offered the readers an inside on the life and habits of the birds. In a periode of two years I worked on putting everything together as a book. It counts 256 pages and describe the 21 birds of prey and 10 owl species of Northwest Europe. The book also features new illustrations, additional information and tips for in the field. It's a great book to get more background information on the species and increases you're chances to see them in their natural habitat. The book is available in Dutch and in German.

    Publishers : Roots | Fontaine Uitgevers
    256 pages | flexibind | ISBN 978 90 5956 724 5

    German edition : Kosmos |  EAN: 9783440159323

  • Exhibitions and book presentations @ Amsterdam(NL) and Mechelen (BE)

  • W O R K P R O C E S S 
    Field sketching  >  Line drawing in graphite  >  Digital coloration in Adobe Photoshop

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