Doloop™ Brand Identity Design

  • Doloop Logo & Brand Identity Design
  • Doloop is a brand new software development company located in Rome (Italy) responsible for designing and implementing industrial processes management software.

    With the help of Doloop
    services companies can easily and efficiently manage their industrial processes with customized softwares.

    The client’s brief challenge was to design a modern logotype and its identity based on certain core values/concepts of the company. They needed a custom, minimal and clear lettering and they needed to rapresent the ability of the company to solve very complex programming tasks and they liked the microchip’s shape to graphically identify the scope of the company in the field of software computer programming.

    I started designing the custom lettering using the binary code as the basic structure, building over it every single letter applying little modifications of the initial shapes. After that I identified the shape of an impossible geometric figure to rapresent the ability to solve complex programming tasks and started to design a custom one.
  • Typography & Symbol Concepts
  • Symbol Construction Grid
  • Logotype Animation
  • Final Logotype & Color Palettes
  • Logotype Signatures
  • Symbol Based Patterns
  • Brand Image Application


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