Brand names are gateways from the product to the mind and heart of the consumer 
    Picking the right name will not just affect the rational decision of the consumer
     rather will fasten a solid bond between both A bond that will affect his/her relationship with the product on an ongoing interrelation and thus become their first choice.

    Finally our new project EPOCH has been brought to life. Very proud to have built this brand and worked with Mr. Maged El Hawary / Miss. Dina Maged El Hawary . 
    to reach this successful result. Was my pleasure and honor being part of the journey, and the hard work was definitely worth it. Looking forward to see the growth of this project, reaching endless development. As the brand's slogan says "The Golden Time", this journey was OUR golden time.
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  • Credits.......
    Agency: Nabaroski Ad Store Cario,Egypt
    Client: MAZAQ
    Brand: EPOCH 

    Creative Director: Mohamed Nabarawy
    Creative copywriter: Sara Eweda
    Art Direction: Mohamed Nabarawy
    Studio Manager: Muhamad El-Sayed

    Photographer: Sherif Leithy 
    Stylist: Mohamed El-zoghpy

    Published on March 31, 2017

    Epoch is a premium chocolates and pastries shop, recently opened to the public.
    A brand which I had the pleasure to have created from scratch.
    The journey started with the creation of its distinctive name, Epoch, a "point marking the start of a new period in time" symbolizing the savoring taste of the chocolates and pastries that in a way stills time, and marks a new beginning in the chocolates/ pastries world. Following, the artistic logo came to life as a sand clock, a creative logo interpretation of the Epoch concept. The idea then emanated into many shapes, from the menu and package design and Uniform .This notable work didn’t take an Epoch to complete because somethings cannot be kept long from our cherished clientels!

  • EPOCH 
    Chocolate epoch means the era and time of chocolate. Unlike any other sweet, chocolate 
    has to be indulged without hurrying. It should always have its own time!

    Unlike any other sweet, chocolate has to be indulged without hurrying. 
    It should always have its own time, its own epoch. We wanted to illustrate that visually by using something that would show time in a non technological way, to manifest the pure fulfilment of chocolate. So, we wanted to use something old because people usually think that back in the “golden days”, things used to take their proper time. Therefore, we chose the visual element that reflects exactly what we’re to say, and that is the Hourglass.


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