Nova Interiors

  • Nova Interiors

    Nova Interiors create large runs of hand-finished furniture, for a range of hospitality businesses from hotels to football stadiums. Now operating in its second generation, the family-run company appointed us to give a new direction to their brand, one that reflects the level of quality and craftmanship in their furniture.

  • — Wood Joints

    This project began by studying the art of the craftsmen within their workshop. Through this we became particularly interested in wood-joints and the simplicity of their shapes, in particular the dovetail joint.

    We focussed on the dovetail joint and used it as a focal element of their brand to portray both craftsmanship and quality. The joint then acted as a tool to sculpt a bespoke word mark and accompanying typeface, Dovetail Rounded.

  • — Strapline

    From working closely with Nova, it became apparent that their USP was the blank canvas they offered to their interior design clients. Anything is possible, any dimension, any material and any finish. The strapline focuses on their bespoke/adaptive nature of their service: Your Space — Infinite Possibilities.

  • — Website

    The above elements come together on their website – a clean, well-branded online space, which showcases their full product range as well as the bespoke nature of their work. The site is built around an E-commerce backbone, to house the hundreds of available products. The bespoke icons and colour palette help navigate the user around the site with ease.

  • — Photography

    We commissioned a photo shoot of the manufacturing process - focusing on the craft, the workers, the environment and the technical nature of their work.