The Happy Room by Cristina Celestino for FENDI

  • Illustrations commissioned by Cristina Celestino as preview 
    for The Happy Room, a furniture collection she designed 
    for Fendi in occasion of Design Miami (December 2016).

    The three images were inspired by Cristina's preliminary 
    sketches for the stand as well as from her material 
    selection and mood-boards for the overall project.
    courtesy - credits Fendi ]
  • The Happy Room is based on the idea of a traveling 
    VIP lounge: a collection of furnishings and an elegant, 
    sophisticated concept of space that can be replicated 
    by the maison inside its boutiques all over the world. 
    Cristina Celestino
  • The Happy Room, digital collage, 2016.
  • The illustrations functioned as teaser for Fendi showcase art the fair, as 
    they aimed to capture and anticipate the elegant atmospheres that emerge 
    from each furniture, while the actual products were still to be produced. 
    The images were in fact employed on various communication platforms 
    such as Design Miami catalogue and Fendi's website.

  • The Happy Room, digital collage for Design Miami catalogue, 2016.
  • The Happy Room, Fendi's website [ courtesy - credits Fendi ]
  • The Happy Room, photographed by Mattia Balsamini, 2016 [ courtesy - credits Fendi ]
  • The Happy Room, photographed by Mattia Balsamini, 2016 [ courtesy - credits Fendi ]
  • Credits
    Concept, design, development, direction: Cristina Celestino
    Illustrations: Elisa Vendramin
    Photo credit: Mattia Balsamini
    Curator: Maria Cristina Didero
    Courtesy - credits: Fendi