UNIQLO Airism - 10 Minutes

  • Client: UNIQLO Singapore
    Event : SingaPlural 2017
    Agency / Curator : BLACK

    Concept, Key Visual & Animation : MACHINEAST
    Sound Design : Smider
    Photography : Clarence Aw

  • AIRism is created in accordance with UNIQLO's drive to continually offer innovative clothing to transform the lives of customers around the world. With AIRism, UNIQLO will deliver "comfort unlimited, in any season for any person, anywhere." Featuring the latest Japanese fiber technology, AIRism offers incredible comfort, winning accolades from UNIQLO customers in international markets where it debuted in 2012. 
  • AIRISM comes with the technology that is breathable as well as fast drying. This advanced tech has made it possible for the fabric to dry fast. Sometimes within 10 minutes. Thus we found this idea of creating visual arts that lasted 10 minutes in total.
  • The theme for this year's SingaPlural is Stories: A New Perspective. Through this we have given a lot of thought into telling the stories of AIRism product in a different approach. From there, we have deconstructed the innovative attributes of AIRism and present them in a visual art form. There are five mini visual treats which we wanted to let the audience observe and try to see if they could find the specific objects in each piece of artwork. With this experience we wanted to send a message that visual art and design is something that is approachable to the general public.

    5 Attributes of UNIQLO Airism

  • UNIQLO Airism - '10 Minutes' Animation 
    *please turn on your speakers, observe, relax and see if you can spot all of them ;)

  • Video montage of the event