Kiron’s Certificate Program

  • This video portrays a fictional story of a Syrian refugee girl called Samya and the challenges she faced to find a job in Turkey. Through Kiron's Certificate Program, Samya was provided with opportunities that enabled her to finally get the job of her dreams. 

    The conduct by which this art-style is extracted merges two orientations; ideation and inventiveness. The screening process included several guidelines to accomplish a friendly look that matches the story telling style of the video and at the same time, does not undervalue the main messages. 

    Reflecting on our own analysis of the messages contained in the script, we match the input with the art-style that suits it adequately the most. In this particular case, 2D cheerful and dreamy character illustrations complemented the information being handled. 

    We reconstructed the data collected from the ideation phase, to polish the chosen  style with conventional art elements like the coloring technique and drawing method. The bright coloring technique and bubble-like drawing method fashions a continuum of the inspiration feel required for the targeted audience. It is like a metaphor for a better future.

  • Script Writer : Eman Asker 
    Illustration: Wael Adel
    Storyboard & Illustration: Noha Gamal Abdelnasser
    Graphic Designer: Mostafa Shokry
    2D Animation: Mahmoud Fawzy, Aya Ahmed
    Sound Design: Robert Ostiak