Music Festival Vector Isometric Illustration.

  • This project started with an online course I've recently done about vector illustration to develop my skills and keep learning. The final project was about creating a "mini world" and the topic I chose to create it was "The music festival" because I wanted to work with something I really like.

    The first part was to choose the color scheme choosing between monochrome, dominant or harmony. Finally I decided to use a color palette monochrome with a dominant color.  and create three different elements which would appear in the project, and drawing them with two different styles of vector illustration. Then, I had to choose which style was better for my project. 
  • The second part was to create two different perspectives with the created elements and the drawing style chosen, I've done the isometric point of view and a lateral distortion, but finally I chose the isometric style because I've never done any isometric project before and I wanted to see how I manage with that, and also because the isometric perspective was much better to realise what I had on my mind.
  • The next step was to choose some graphic resources (as patterns, textures, ornaments, ...) to give personality to the illustration, but at this point, I already knew how my illustration was going to be so I decided not to use any graphic resource because the composition I wanted to do involved a lot of elements and I didn't want to do something excessively ornate. As well, to not apply any pattern or texture, is something that gives personality to the drawing, as it's something that I've chosen.

    So at this point, I decided to start creating more elements to my composition, and I decided to change a bit the ones that I already had, because I wasn't convinced at all with the final design of them. Most of the elements jeep the color scheme chosen, but for a few of them was needed to use different colors to make sure that they were identifiable, as for example the threes, the drinks or the laptops. 

  • After creating all these elements, I already had something to work with, it was just a matter of start doing the composition and combine different elements, but I wanted to go a bit further, so it was the time to start creating some characters, a mini world need characters! And more if it's about a music festival.
  • After creating most of the characters, I realised that I needed a couple more very important for a music festival, the guy who sells the beer and the first aid doctor!
  • Then, I needed to create some food elements, because every festival needs a food area for all that drunk people! So I developed some elements: 

  • Finally, after a lot of hours working on the composition, this is what I got! I was really satisfied with it, as it was the first time that I've done something like this. 

  • And here some details of the composition!