• Status - Branding + Packaging Re-Design
    Branding + Packaging Design
  • The original brief was to explore evolutionary to revolutionary design concepts, that have greater on shelf impact and a sense of modernity. The project began by focusing on the Status core brand identity. A number of routes were explored with the most favored creating A feeling of masculinity and strength by leveling the perimeter of the letters, reducing the serif and giving stability to the 'S'. This created a contemporary feel, yet maintained brand loyalty and recognition from the previous icon.
    A bold use of colour, crafted alongside textured backgrounds were explored for the overall packaging solution, with a number of concepts using the logo running horizontal, to give a greater size perception and increase brand recognition further. A number of different print techniques and inks were examined, as was a mat finish. 

    The final package design incorporated the use of the 'S' from the brand icon as architecture, balancing the logo in the upper area and the fragrance description below. The graduated pattern element also added to the eye catching shelf appearance of the finished design.