TECATE Calendar 2017

  • This has to be the biggest, the most exhausting and fun project i have worked on. Doing composites which i love so much, surrounded by a lot of talented people and gorgeous models is a dream job. 

    What i learned through the production of this calendar is golden knowledge. Some days without sleeping because the delivering for the client had to be so quick that there was no time for sleeping, just compositing in front of Photoshop for 8-10 days, definitely what i have learned worth the time spent on this. 

    Every composition teached me something new, almost 100% of the compositons where made from zero, just 2 o 3 models had props on the scene to compose with a background.

    I want to specially thank to the photographer Dania Valdéz who invited me to be part of this amazing project, i feel really grateful about this days i spent making a lot of new friends, special thanks to the OXÍGENO team who are amazing humans beings too. There's no doubt that if you keep doing what you love the universe gives you everything you need to keep growing and learning everyday.

    So here are the 12 composites i did for the calendar in very short time, the biggest challenge i have had until now.
  • B  E  H  I  N  D     T  H  E     S  C  E  N  E  S
    B  R  E  A  K  D  O  W   N        L  A  Y  E  R  S 
  • I  S  I  S
  • A  F  R  O  D  I  T  A
  • X O C H I Q U E T Z A L
  • C I B E L E S 
  • C O A T L I C U E
  • M I N E R V A
  • M A M Á  Q U C H A
  • A  N  A  T
  • I X C H E L
  • O S H U N
  • S C A T H A
  • F R E I Y A
  • T H A N K S    
    F O R    W A T C H I N G!!