Ginger & Jagger

  • Ginger & Jagger
    — Branding

  • Ginger & Jagger is a contemporary brand that answers the demand for a product differentiator, with an intense and passionate personality in the field of furniture design, taking as its starting point the dichotomy nature / sophistication.

    Main Concept
    Opposite and complementary
    Natural / Upscale
    Soft / Rough
    Fashion / Differentiator
    Trend / Arrojo
    Pure / Transformed

    The new brand is for those looking for novelty, for those who prefer originality, unique.
    "The new brand is not for boring people."

  • Materialization
    The main idea was to unite two forces that separately have their own personality and characteristics and when together become one and in perfect shape. The whole becomes much stronger than the sum of its parts and therefore Ginger & Jagger is a brand where two universes come together to create one that is unique and special.The brand was developed in its main version and also a monogram version, which is an alternative summary of the main brand, that is applied in environments as reinforcement of the brand or visualization of Ginger & Jagger product or material.In conjunction with the brand identity, shapes and textures were created that arise from the interpretation of the form so the trademark symbol create additional graphics that complement the brand universe. The colors chosen are based on natural elements and, by opposition, metallic and gold colors.
  • Brand Motion Concept

  • Thx to
    Paula Sousa, Gonçalo Cruz, Nuno Sá,
    Yilmaz Zen, Marian Balko, Sílvia Antunes

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