Daimler Financial Services – China


    In 2016 the World Partner Forum invited us to escape to the Middle Kingdom. After numerous journeys to all sorts of wonderful cities in the world, this year we were headed for three: Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. This posed as quite a challenge for the Corporate Design of the event, which was coined »A JOURNEY THROUGH TIME« by us. Accordingly, the key visual was designed to be quite modular – there is one for the whole trip as well as one for one city each. Daimler Financial Services’s guests were invited with a uniquely cut diorama, made solely out of paper, personalized chopsticks were sent over to mentally prepare each guest for the culinary highlights and the unique travel guide »Nice To Meet You« was an almost traditionally sought after book. To create this, we spend some intense days in China, together with a copywriter and a photographer. During this journey, the one-of-a-kind created design showed up on »Do not disturb« signs on the hotel doors, good night letters, presents, menu cards and what not. We wrap up saying »Tse Tse« and are very so grateful for this great project and wonderful trip, which will remain unforgotten indefinitely.