• Your inner voice
    Client: Adecco

    Every year, the recruitment company Adecco, announces a campaign called ”Become our CEO”. The prize is a summer job as their CEO – including the salary. The campaign is open to students from all of Norway, but many might lack the confidence to apply for a job as a CEO. “Adecco aren’t going to choose me anyway”, “I’m not good enough”, “As a nursing student I can’t work as a CEO”, ”I haven't any relevant experience” and similar doubts is common when taking major decisions. In order to apply for the CEO position this year, we forced students to meet their inner critic and push it aside. We created a test with various tasks, presented by your inner critic.

    The test started out really negative, but became more and more positive towards the end, where you finally had overcome your inner critic and was ready to proceed to the main test - the application form as this years CEO.

  • Illustrating using face detection with AI and WebGL
    Your inner critic was created by uploading a picture of yourself. Using face recognition and AI, 
    we immediately generated a unique particle illustration for each user with WebGL and Three.JS.

  • Start by taking a photo or upload one
  • Mini-games could be played at the site
  • Part of a mini-game
  • Part of a mini-game
  • Background particles reacting on sound and user input