Boldanic — Naturally Strong Packaging

  • Boldanic

    Boldanic is a Brooklin based company in the dietary supplement business for athletes.
    We've been asked to design brand logo, corporate identity and packagings of its two first products: Ecdynize and Exubol.
    We decided to work with simple geometry shapes, combined in a refined yet dynamic layout. Dynamism comes from polygonal shapes floating onto packs, which themselved come from developing brand logo structure.

    The strucural field that contains the logo reveals the shape of a thunder in counterform, symbol of the power these products would supply to their users.

    We're not those in the pictures and, no need to say, we never assumed any supplement to design these packs!

  • Client: BOLDANIC LLC
    A project by: Happycentro
    Project manager: Federico Padovani
    Art director: Federico Galvani
    Logo & Graphic Design: Giulia Valentinuzzi & Giulia Tonon