Sculpture to find the identity of fruit shape
  • Fruit form is a spontaneous form, which is a form for protecting seeds and is a form to be eaten seeds by animals. Depending on individuals, distortion of shape occurs, but we can  instantaneously  distinguish it by each color, shape, texture. Where is the identity? I investigated where the part which became the identity of the form was.
  • Exploring "identity" by removing a part.
    I thought that we can observe what the shape has growed and expanded based on the shape of the fruit, 
    or where the personality strongly appears. It was verified with `5` kinds of removing method. 
    See the picture mentioned above.​​​​​​​
  • Ridgeline of Banana
    By imagining the wireframe used in 3DCAD and leaving only the ridgeline, you can grasp its shape from one viewpoint.
  • Ridgeline of Green pepper
    For exsample,The green peppers are hollow cavities, keeping their shape with their unique structure. Its structure fulfills the role of cushion and prevents scratches during transport. By following the ridgeline, you can extract the shape of the structure.
  • Ridgeline of  Lemon / Apple / Avocado
  • Ridgeline of  zucchini
  • Pattern of Melon
    The mesh pattern of melon skin cracks because the outer skin does not catch up with growth when the fruit grows large. It is a pattern made by self-repairing that part. If you cut it along the pattern, it will look like broken pottery
  • Peeling of Apple
    removing like a peeling fruit skin as usual. You can also see a different 'identity'​​​​​​​
  • Peeling of Banana
  • Systematic of Banana
    One time I processed fruits regularly as much as possible. Interestingly, bananas and lemons look like ribs, and green peppers and other things look like small animal skulls. It's strange, but it looks like another thing.
  • Systematic of Lemon
  • Random of Green pepper
  • Random​​​​​​​ of Lemon 2
  • Ridgeline of  Okra / Random of Walnut / Cherry
  • I respect the shape made by nature.