African Beach Calligraphy #3

  • African Beach Calligraphy #3

    Some of my asemic work done since the last time I posted here - a whole 6 years ago!
    (See previous beach calligraphy albums for further details.
  • Magic carpet at Camps Bay beach. A red sunset with a blue sky above combined to give me a striking purple.
  • Asemic play at Hout Bay
  • Asemic play at Hout Bay
  • Human glyphs
  • African calligrapher, me
    This is a self-portrait, the quill-wielding, running figure at the Southern tip of Africa beingĀ  the way I see myself in happier moments.
    All those other fantastical, interlocking and interconnected letters and symbols - many of which come from African writing systems - represent the way I, as a white South African, see Africa with all it's incredible diversity and liveliness, but especially all those indigenous languages who's sounds and forms I so love but do not understand.

  • Forgotten glyphs
  • Lara
  • The Comet 1
  • The Comet 2