Typeforce 7 Exhibition Title Wall


    Our annual exhibit curated in partnership with Public Media InstituteTypeforce features work from emerging lettering and type-based designers and artists. Though each piece is a unique expression of media, method, craft and style, one constant unites the collection from year to year—a near-fanatical focus on eloquent, exceptionally executed letterforms.

  • I.

    Our 7th Typeforce title wall was a physical exercise in conceptual thought, powered by collaboration, structure and code. We set out to capture the attendee's perspective—their attention shifting focus from one piece to the next while assimilating each individual work to their overarching experience of the event.
    The installation centered on a set of hand-built, Arduino-sequenced LED light bars, each one programmed to cycle through seven distinct states and rotate in unison with the group. The effect: a mass of lumens in constant flux; an apt metaphor for both the talents on display and our audience itself—designers, artists and appreciators alike. Upon the completion of one cycle, each light bar returned to default formation, spelling out the familiar "TF–7," reconciling all in attendance with one another and the show that brought them together.

  • II.

    We measured, cut and built a PVC frame to support the Arduino-powered and programmed servo motors, attaching each to a wired LED light bar. Next we mounted the lights to the frame, stringing wires through it and back to the Arduino and corresponding power sources.
    We owe much to Google Express for many deliveries, and even more to friends in the UK for working with us via Skype to develop over 1,100 lovely lines of code.